About us

About the project

Hello! Do you know that there are pyramids in Ukraine, namely in Poltava region? Or have you ever heard about the world longest gypsum cave also situated in Ukraine (Ternopil region)? Due to our project you will surely learn it!

We created tourist walking and bicycle route through Ukraine. It goes through 10 regions starting from Uzhgorod to Kharkiv and literally and symbolically unites western and eastern parts of our Motherland.

How it all started?

In 2011 the creator of the project Anatoliy Tsyrkun went hiking on world-known pilgrims’ way in Spain called El Camino de Santiago. There are many travelers from all over the world who go hiking on this trail for more than 50 years. It took Anatoliy 11 days to walk around 300 km. It was only a part of the route, but Anatoliy claims that this awesome journey surely changed his life.

So, he became inspired by international experience and decided to create a unique tourist route through the whole Ukraine, which will later be integrated in European trails network.

In developing the concept of the project we were faced with two problems:

1. Unfortunately, tourist Ukraine is still uncharted, not only to foreigners but also to the Ukrainians.

2. Ukraine is known to the world mainly because of the Revolution of Dignity and a series of tragic events that now take place in the East.

Our project will solve these two problems at the same time. It is necessary to start now active work on the development of domestic tourism and creation of  the brand of Ukraine as an interesting, diverse and attractive for tourists country.

Stop seeking for adventures in the far away and spending fabulous sums. Ornament Way team assure you that Ukraine has many incredible places! We have extraordinary tourist potential – the mountains and seas, palaces and fortresses, and other amazing places. But the problem is that not many people know and care about them. Our project it’s the way to open Ukraine to the world.

At the beginning of May 2016 we collected 50 000 UAH on Bigidea (https://biggggidea.com/project/ornament_way) to create a project website. Now you can see it :)

On the Ornament Way website, which was created by Runsite, you can see the detailed route (all or its part) and find information about all of the tourist infrastructure on the road - a place to sleep and eat, ATMs, bicycle services and more than 500 tourist attractions.

Website is interactive: you can add comments, upload photos, create your own profile and upload your routes, add objects, share them with friends. Log in is possible through the social networks.

We believe that our website will become a "social network for travelers", a travel portal, through which anyone can plan their hiking or cycling track of any length and complexity and discover the beauty of Ukraine!

The project was officially opened in June 2016. We organized a grandiose Ornament Way bike ride, which we plan to conduct annually. It happened like this: two groups of cyclists from Uzhgorod and Kharkiv were moving along the route towards each other. Within 18 days they have been riding past picturesque places of Ukraine, discovering interestingness of the route and were the first who officially tested the Ornament Way (at least half of it).

All interested joined the race on different segments of the route. At the end of the journey two teams met in Kiev, symbolically uniting East and West of Ukraine.

The details of this crazy adventure you can read on our pages in social networks :)


Ornament Way is social and non-profit project. For its quality and continuous operation we need your financial support. We will be thankful to each of you for your contribution into development of tourist Ukraine. Join us!